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February 17, 2005

Change of Heart

- This is How We Do

Fresh like uhhh, Stay Together uhhh
Tol'er I love her, ho late last month
She don't want none, said I betta run
When Change a'Heart on, The Game gets dumped"

"Dude looks like a chocolate popeye . . ." - Anonymous1
"It's Game you can tell by his four lane highway nose and the 'I got to take a shit' face." - Anonymous2

If you couldn't figure it out by now, shown above is a picture of the hardcore gangster rapper The Game on the dating show, Change of Heart. Right. W-A-N-K-S-T-A. As if that didn't make The GaymeShow look foolish enough, he decides to start beef with S.Carter and the Roc familia. Jigga answered in a freestyle on Funk Flex's radio show. The lyrics in their entirety can be found here and the Real Audio stream is here. GaymeShow replies oh-so-eloquently here. Here are some of the more pertinent lyrics:

You plan to bang, I plan to bang too
You playin' the games, I'm seein' the thing through
You sayin my name to entertain ya crew
I don't play no Games, when shots exchange you're through
Fresh off probation I gotta charge to throw away
My lawyer say for eighty large it'll go away
And that ain't no money to Jay
So you could get it broad day on Broadway while TRL's tapin'
You playin' the game you know you ain't gon' win
Quit playin' them childish games with grown men
I don't give a fuck about cars or chrome rims
I got apartments you could put your home in
Can I live?


I had to take off the blazer, loosen up the tie
Step inside the booth, Superman is alive" - Jay-Z

And, as we all know, Lex Luthor never wins. Game Over. Flip!

Posted by hungwin at February 17, 2005 06:12 PM


the verse from s dot was nothin short jay-tastic. Big homie been doin since 96 summers man even if game wanted beef, yo the butcher closed. no one want it wit hov some don't even deserve to wear his clothes (Rocawear).and i heard that game said in a couple of rymes jay got it confused. Because when game said," he don't wear button up shirts of drive maybach's,"he was talkin' about ja-rule, oh by the way fuck murder inc. Any way even if game even thinks about gettin' jigga in his sights, game is far from cryptonite. And to any one else tryna get at jay,he may be laid back and non saulant but kent clark is one booth away from erasin'your exitstence.And i do like game he's tight just don't test the dynasty. just because game got a litte bread now,you know, a couple crumps off the loaf. jigga man got more dough than "Mrs. Bairds". you heard it first. i'm out.

May 13, 2005 04:51 PM