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February 08, 2005


Wha wha wha? Hieroglyphics in a Pepsi commercial? Hieroglyphics in a Pepsi-iTunes commercial? Hieroglyphics in a Pepsi-iTunes Super Bowl commercial? Say word! Word!!! It's actually a Handsome Boy Modeling School song, "It's Like That," featuring Casual, but for all intents and purposes (not "intensive purposes" kiddies) it's a Hiero song.

Here is a link to the video, who knows how long it'll be up. The song is the second one in the ad where the two guys are on the steps, with the "Hiero [hydro] ... microphone specialist" sample. I'm not quite sure which Hiero song it originally sampled, pretty sure it's Del, but I'm working on it. It's good to see truly talented artists get some shine, even though most people may not have caught it or know who it was. Hopefully they'll get some dividends from Pepsi.

Another ad that caught the corner of my eye was for esuvee.com, a site that is trying to let the morons out there in their two-plus tons of fun that the only thing sport in SUV is the word.

The Diet Pepsi ad with Papa Diddy Pop was also pretty funny. All the MTV-style hipsters bit Diddy's style and got their own Diet Pepsi trucks. The irony.

Another good ad was the one for GoDaddy.com, a domain registration provider, which incidentally, is what I used to register this site. The projectile strap launch was a nice touch I must say. Unfortunately the ad was pulled before it could be played during the two minute warning spot. But like they say, the only bad pub is no pub, and I think this ad registered its fair share of publicity. The only suspect part of the ad is that perhaps it didn't quite make clear what it was they were selling. The hosts of PTI and people of their ilk, for example, had no clue what GoDaddy.com was. To see the version that aired on Fox and the "extended coverage" version, click here.

Posted by hungwin at February 8, 2005 06:24 PM