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February 27, 2005

I Broke Google

I did it! Muhahahaha!!!

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February 21, 2005


Delay after delay, the day is nigh. The NA release of Gran Turismo 4 is slated to be February 22 2005.

What else is there to say? I probably won't make another entry until this game completely drains me.

If any of you are debating purchasing the Logitech® Driving Force™ Pro, there should be no question after viewing this video of a Sauber C9 racecar in the S16 License Test around the Nordschleife. Ridiculoid.

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February 18, 2005


HATE 97, the official #1 station for hip-hop hatred and R&B racism. Excuse the late pass on this one, but I cannot let this one go by ignored.

All at once you could hear the screaming ch*nks and no one was safe
from the wave there were Africans drowning, little Chinamen swept
away you could hear God laughing, 'Swim you b*tches swim'

So now you're screwed, it's the Tsunami
you better run or kiss your ass away, go find your mommy
I just saw her float by, a tree went through her head
and now the children will be sold to child slavery" - Hot 97's Tsunami Song

Are the 200,000+ dead from the Tsunami something to joke about? Is child slavery and ensuent child prostitution funny? Are scenes like this [caution, gruesome pic] humorous? Apparently some at NY's Hot 97 radio station thought it was and wrote, recorded, produced, aired, and re-aired a disgusting tsunami parody song sung to the tune of "We Are The World."

When Miss Jones mentioned playing the song, Miss Info, one of the co-hosts of the morning show did not want to be associated with the song. Info, who is part-Asian, was then verbally abused by Jones while another co-host Todd Lynn inserted these gems:

"I'm gonna start shooting Asians . . ." - Todd "Asian Shooter" Lynn

"This portion of Miss Jones in the Morning is brought to you by Sprint PCS." - Todd "Asian Shooter" Lynn

As of this writing, Miss Jones and the radio show was "indefinitely" suspended, but both have seemingly been reinstated. Todd Lynn has been fired. Advertisers have pulled their sponsorships from the show. Each of the Morning Show hosts have contributed one week's pay towards tsunami relief, while Hot 97's parent company Emmis, has pledged $1M. One week's salary is hardly going to repent for what these ignorant fools have done. I think an appropriate "punishment" would be to send them to Asia and have them volunteer with the rebuilding efforts.

One last thing I'd like to touch on . . . some may think we are making a fuss over nothing, but how would you feel if someone made a parody song about the Twin Towers? What if the song made fun of dead n*gg*rs and sp*cs? I guarantee you shit would hit the fan then. What's up with the double standard when it comes to making fun of Asians? Like Chan said, we're part of the nation.

- Inflammatory Tsunami Song
- Jin's response to the Hot 97 Tsunami Song
- Jin's interview with Hot 97 jock E-Bro

- hiphopmusic.com link, well organized with lot of info
- yellowworld.org link, well organized with protest info

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February 17, 2005

Change of Heart

- This is How We Do

Fresh like uhhh, Stay Together uhhh
Tol'er I love her, ho late last month
She don't want none, said I betta run
When Change a'Heart on, The Game gets dumped"

"Dude looks like a chocolate popeye . . ." - Anonymous1
"It's Game you can tell by his four lane highway nose and the 'I got to take a shit' face." - Anonymous2

If you couldn't figure it out by now, shown above is a picture of the hardcore gangster rapper The Game on the dating show, Change of Heart. Right. W-A-N-K-S-T-A. As if that didn't make The GaymeShow look foolish enough, he decides to start beef with S.Carter and the Roc familia. Jigga answered in a freestyle on Funk Flex's radio show. The lyrics in their entirety can be found here and the Real Audio stream is here. GaymeShow replies oh-so-eloquently here. Here are some of the more pertinent lyrics:

You plan to bang, I plan to bang too
You playin' the games, I'm seein' the thing through
You sayin my name to entertain ya crew
I don't play no Games, when shots exchange you're through
Fresh off probation I gotta charge to throw away
My lawyer say for eighty large it'll go away
And that ain't no money to Jay
So you could get it broad day on Broadway while TRL's tapin'
You playin' the game you know you ain't gon' win
Quit playin' them childish games with grown men
I don't give a fuck about cars or chrome rims
I got apartments you could put your home in
Can I live?


I had to take off the blazer, loosen up the tie
Step inside the booth, Superman is alive" - Jay-Z

And, as we all know, Lex Luthor never wins. Game Over. Flip!

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February 08, 2005


Wha wha wha? Hieroglyphics in a Pepsi commercial? Hieroglyphics in a Pepsi-iTunes commercial? Hieroglyphics in a Pepsi-iTunes Super Bowl commercial? Say word! Word!!! It's actually a Handsome Boy Modeling School song, "It's Like That," featuring Casual, but for all intents and purposes (not "intensive purposes" kiddies) it's a Hiero song.

Here is a link to the video, who knows how long it'll be up. The song is the second one in the ad where the two guys are on the steps, with the "Hiero [hydro] ... microphone specialist" sample. I'm not quite sure which Hiero song it originally sampled, pretty sure it's Del, but I'm working on it. It's good to see truly talented artists get some shine, even though most people may not have caught it or know who it was. Hopefully they'll get some dividends from Pepsi.

Another ad that caught the corner of my eye was for esuvee.com, a site that is trying to let the morons out there in their two-plus tons of fun that the only thing sport in SUV is the word.

The Diet Pepsi ad with Papa Diddy Pop was also pretty funny. All the MTV-style hipsters bit Diddy's style and got their own Diet Pepsi trucks. The irony.

Another good ad was the one for GoDaddy.com, a domain registration provider, which incidentally, is what I used to register this site. The projectile strap launch was a nice touch I must say. Unfortunately the ad was pulled before it could be played during the two minute warning spot. But like they say, the only bad pub is no pub, and I think this ad registered its fair share of publicity. The only suspect part of the ad is that perhaps it didn't quite make clear what it was they were selling. The hosts of PTI and people of their ilk, for example, had no clue what GoDaddy.com was. To see the version that aired on Fox and the "extended coverage" version, click here.

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February 02, 2005

Is They Rhymers or Strippin' Males?

What up, to all rappers, shut up with ya shuttin' up
and keep your shirt on, at least a button up
yuck, is they rhymers or strippin' males?
outta work jerks since they shut down Chippendales" - MF DOOM

The Drama Queens aka G-Unit are at it again. First off is The Game (wtf kinda name is that? Yo, I'm Candyland son, respekt!!!) and his manager Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond (way to surround yourself with winners) assaulted a DC area DJ. Xzulu "The Big Lipped Bandit" was attacked because, get this, Xzulu made a comment about Henchmen's wireless headset. What, was Xzulu's Jabra iced out with spinners and Henchboy's wasn't? Paranoid much?

Next up is Loose Change aka 50 Cent and his infatuation with Ja Rule, The Inc, and any that associate with Ja. Loose Change has taken on Jadakiss and Fat Joe because they appeared on the song "New York, New York" with Rule.

Both Jadakiss and Joey Crack have made statements that the collabo was purely business and nothing was directed towards Change. The diss tracked is titled "Piggy Bank" and not only gets at Joe, Jada, but allegedly brings Nas and his new wife Kelis into the mix. Is Loose Change CRAZY? Now Don Cartagena isn't really a lyrical terror, but Jadakiss would destroy Loose Change on a track. Bring in Nas . . . can you imagine a "John Blaze" type track dissing 50? Of course the Jew behind the scenes, Jimmy Iovine, is trying to keep Jada from responding. Iovine wants to protect his multiplatinum artist rather than letting the short-of-platinum emcee retort. I could name dozens of emcees that haven't even gone wood that are more talented than Curtis Jackson.

I'm sure that this latest tirade against NY legends is part of the machine that is Interscope records. Just take a look at the 30-minute to an hour commericals for The Game and 50 Cent for The Documentary and Making The Video, respectively on MTV. Hmmm . . . Loose Change's album is coming out in March, let's diss some people to hype the album. Oh wait, one of the dissees is a fellow labelmate -well, we can't let said labelmate respond and rip our goldmine a new one so we'll have to tell him that he can't. Of course most of America and the world for that matter won't get any of this and keep feeding the machine by buying Drama Unit's albums.

At least we hopefuly won't have to worry about Young Buck, as he might take a stab at jail life. Maybe Lloyd Banks'll pop up in another gay porn soon. Oh, and M&M, step away from the MPC. Please.

Eightball and MJG's latest single features Lloyd, a ratty looking The Inc member. Is G-Unit going to go after these legends of the South and Bad Boy [South] now too?

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