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March 10, 2005

Checkmate Homie

Jadakiss has replied to perhaps the weakest "diss" track of all time, "Piggy Bank," with "Checkmate." "Checkmate" jacks 50 Pence's "I'm An Animal" track off the 2050 mixtape. Jada could have come much much harder, but honestly, Piggy didn't need much of a reply.

Word up to Trickology for always being up on things, this time with full audio and deciphered lyrics. Here is another version of the track, recorded from the scan'lous ass Wendy Williams show.

Edit.1: Here is a new link for Fat Joe's reply to 50, entitled "The Massacre of Fifty." It's not as lyrical as Jada's track, but it just sounds harder and the beat is fire. Another track from Joey Crack has also popped up: "Fuck 50." Ha ha!!! Mirrored at Art of Rhyme. You can't mess wit' Fat Joe Da Gangsta!

Edit.2: Another link for Jadakiss' diss courtesy of Art of Rhyme.

Here are the lyrics, courtesy of Trickology, with some corrections and additions:

You did it baby! Congratulations homie! You made history. 1.1 million in a short week. [laughs] Screw a press conference, press this on your conscience. D-Block! Cheers!

[laughs] I ain't mad, I don't wanna sound mad. I feel marvelous. D-Block, Double R, fuckin' faggot . . .

We gonna handle this like grown men, you won't win
You don't even feel comfortable in your own skin
I rap my ass off, I'm fightin' the champ with a glass jaw
At the Garden or Nassau
See me, couple hood niggas behind stars
I hear you put a couple good niggas behind bars (Preme!)
I might never sell that much
But you can bet your last two quarters I'll never tell that much
Picture 'Kiss not come out swingin'
That's like goin' to see 50 at a show and he don't come out singin'
Yeah you got a felony but you ain't a predicate
Never the King of New York, you live in Connecticut
You don't be in the hoods, you be in the woods
Fuckin' with me its where you really gonna be for good
I hold a four-five myself
And hop out the Range on One-Four-Five myself (what up?)
This is a true fact
Since when has it become cool to get shot and not shoot back (never)
Trackmasters shelved you, Bravehearts helped you
Then everybody felt you, now I gotta melt you
And don't try to pull rank on 'Kiss
'Cause the niggas I'mma send to do it ain't gon' miss
Be laid up stiff, I spit straight up piff
I did real songs with Big, no made up shits
And I don't have a problem with clout
You aint get shot again yet,
so whats your second album about? (nothing)
Your raps are preschool
You made a lot money, now be cool
Before I swell up your lips like seafood
Can I get a mic check?
You don't stand a chance at the dance with me dog
You steps ain't right yet
The Block is just fine, homie the D's straight
Most likely your new CD is a weed plate
A bunch of love songs
Hundred precent pure garbage
Just something to break up buds on
You should just sell clothes and sneakers
'Cause out of your whole camp, your flow's the weakest
I'm in the town where the young boys is clappin'
You runnin' around town with the Lieutenant and Captain
It'd take a life time to see 'Kiss
You had to get shot nine times to be rich

Rat ass nigga youse an animal, youse a motherfucking animal
Pig ass nigga youse an animal, youse a motherfucking animal
Snake ass nigga youse an animal, youse a motherfucking animal
Matter fact, you ain't no animal
I'mma show these motherfuckers how to handle you


"I'm not a sucker so I don't need a bodyguard" [Robe Base & DJ E-Z Rock - "It Takes Two" sample]" - Jadakiss

- Edit.3: NO HOMO, right guys? Guys . . .?

By the way, what the hell was up with The Gayme and 50's "truce" yesterday on the anniversary of Biggie's death? That is some disrepectful shit. Those dudes have no morals whatsoever.

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March 09, 2005

Biggie Smalls Is The Illest

R.I.P. Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls aka the black Frank White. MTV has a suprisingly decent article with everyone from Alicia Keys to Tyra Banks speaking on their favorite B.I.G. verses. There is so much classic (an overused term these days) material from Big that it's all but impossible to focus on or choose a single verse, so I won't attempt to.

Click on the various images surrounding these words to buy the respective tees. You can also purchase a "Che Poppa" shirt at Turntablelab.

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March 07, 2005


It was finally nice enough to drive the Supra today so I took it for a spin and stopped by Porsche of Arlington to take some pics of a Fayence Yellow Porsche Carrera GT. I'm not quite sold on the yellow -I think I'd rather have one in Seal Grey. The pics are so-so, the lighting was kind of a pain. Half of the car was under the awning and the other half was in bright sunlight. You may notice a couple of white spots on the driver's side of the front bumper. I'd be kinda pissed if I had paid $400K+ for a car and come to find that the dealer allowed bird droppings to sit on the front end. Autopians would probably have a coronary.

You gotta love all of the exposed carbon fiber behind the front fascia, in the front wheelwells, the wing risers, and of course the diffuser and undertray.

Gallery of 2560x1920 pics here.

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Triple Trouble

Check out this dope Duck Down Records Triple Threat promo pic. Sean Price drops April 26, 9th Wonder and Buckshot's collabo comes May 24, and look for Tek + Steele's "Smif 'N' Wessun: Reloaded" June-time.

Sean Peeee has been spitting some heat on mixtapes for awhile now and I can't wait for "Monkey Barz" to drop next month. Check out the first single "Onion Head," courtesy of Art Of Rhyme. Production credits go to Khrysis of Justus League. For something a little different, check out 9th Wondra's remix of Destiny's Child "Girl" featuring Ruck here.

Duck Down Entaprizez
Urban Dictionary's definition of an "onion head."

- DOOM, Ghost, and Mos

Speaking of Ghostface, Ironman has an MTV2 commerical spot called "The World According to Pretty Toney" or something to that effect. "Holla!"

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March 03, 2005

DOOMer Simpson?

Now back to your regularly scheduled real hip-hop . . .

Six degrees of MF DOOM? This cap is from The Simpsons "Brother from the Same Planet" episode circa 1993. So the question is, which came first? The throwup is a pretty standard style, but you never know!

Mos Def wants MF DOOM to open up for him on his summer tour. It only makes sense, because the other half of Reflection Eternal, Talib Kweli, had DOOM open up for his last tour. Someone who had recent contact with Mos was quoted saying this:

I ran into Mos Def at a restaurant the other night and he talked about MF Doom as if he were the second coming and how much he wants MF Doom to open for him on a summer tour."
Word is that DOOM is in the studio with Ghostface Killah aka Tony Starks and maybe even Raekwon The Chef. Metal Face and Ironman together is gonna be crazy!!!

Last, but definitely not least, is a video of the Metal Faced Villain himself at the Rhymesayers 10th Anniversary Concert (was it held at Scribble Jam?). It's approximately 20 minutes and 200 MB. This is the dude that should be seven plat.

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WWF of Rap

Don't Believe The Hype" - Public Enemy

Lord, G-Unit is a bunch of idiots. I really really hope this is the beginning of their downfall. Half Dollar is a paranoid and egomaniacal fool. I urge you to not purchase any more Aftermath product. You are only feeding that machine. Dr. Dre is a genius, but he is losing my respect by associating with these morons. See through the bullshit and realize this is just hype to sell the dude's records.

Here is a bunch of audio from the whole media hype session. There are interviews with Half Dollar, The Gayme, and Jadakiss. The Fat Joe response track is pretty hot. The full Jada interview with DJ Clue can be found here. Trickology has some great quotes from Fat Joe's interview, such as:

Dudes in the hood don't be havin' crossbows, B." - Fat Joe
Rev. Run, please... Lauryn Hill, somebody, please make a 'We Are The World' and get this dude out my face!" - Fat Joe

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