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March 03, 2005

WWF of Rap

Don't Believe The Hype" - Public Enemy

Lord, G-Unit is a bunch of idiots. I really really hope this is the beginning of their downfall. Half Dollar is a paranoid and egomaniacal fool. I urge you to not purchase any more Aftermath product. You are only feeding that machine. Dr. Dre is a genius, but he is losing my respect by associating with these morons. See through the bullshit and realize this is just hype to sell the dude's records.

Here is a bunch of audio from the whole media hype session. There are interviews with Half Dollar, The Gayme, and Jadakiss. The Fat Joe response track is pretty hot. The full Jada interview with DJ Clue can be found here. Trickology has some great quotes from Fat Joe's interview, such as:

Dudes in the hood don't be havin' crossbows, B." - Fat Joe
Rev. Run, please... Lauryn Hill, somebody, please make a 'We Are The World' and get this dude out my face!" - Fat Joe

Posted by hungwin at March 3, 2005 10:54 AM