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April 26, 2005

Días del Demonio

Gorillaz' sophomore album, Demon Days, is slated for a May 24th release. There has been some shuffling within the apez and DJ Danger Mouse, of The Grey Album fame, has replaced Dan "The Automator" Nakamura as Damon Albarn's partner. Guests include De La Soul, The London Community Gospel Choir, Ike Turner, MF DOOM -oh, and Dennis Hopper. Yes, that Dennis Hopper.

Six degrees of DOOM indeed. MF recently collaborated with De La on Rock Co.Kane Flow and is working with Danger Mouse on an LP, tentatively titled DangerDOOM, so it would seem fitting that he appear on Demon Days. Though I think DOOM could have come more approachable for the typical Gorillaz fan, I like the fact that he didn't compromise himself for an album that has the potential to eclipse the 1.5M+ US/6M worldwide sales of Gorillaz' self-titled debut. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien received much exposure from Clint Eastwood, and hopefully, the dopeness that is MF DOOM will be spread by way of November Has Come.

The first single from DD is Feel Good Inc. featuring De La Soul, and mostly Dave aka Trugoy at that. The song is no doubt infectious, but I'm not so sure about the "Don't stop, Get it, Get it" call outs. Somehow I don't see Radiohead and Uncle Luke working on a track together. To view the Feel Good Inc. video, visit the Official Gorillaz Fan Site or IFILM.com. The animation by Jamie Hewlett is top notch, and De La in the background "monitors" is on the demonic tip. If you can't figure out how to save the QT video from IFILM, shoot me an email.

As usual, I'm sick of the swill that is radio, so here's looking forward to an apey summer!!!

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April 25, 2005

Ask Uncle Nu!!!

DJ Nu-Mark, of Jurassic 5 fame, and Pomo will release a remix for Melody, the first track on their album, Blend Crafters Volume 1, sometime late May. Side A features none other than MF DOOM (who hasn't this man worked with?), taking an already great song to the next level. On the flip is a funky, jazzy remix by Eddie Harris which is almost as good as the aforementioned track with MF.

If you haven't picked up Blend Crafters Volume 1, get it! Tracks like Bad Luck Blues and Imagine, a cover of John Lennon's song of the same name, shouldn't be missed. Nu-Mark has proven his ability to craft songs that can stand alone or sound equally good when rhymed upon. Don't sleep.

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April 24, 2005

2005 San Marino Grand Prix

After sliding off track during Sunday's second round of qualifying to a 13th grid position, Michael Schumacher showed us why he is a seven-time world champ. When the leaders went in for the first round of stops, Schuey stayed out for an additional four laps, setting fastest lap three out of the four. The Ferrari driver continued to shave 1.5-2.0+ seconds from second place Jenson Button, exhibiting the prowess of F2005 on Bridgestones. On lap 47, Button was passed as Schumacher dove into his inside at the Acqua Minerale. Soon, Fernando Alonso's rearview mirrors were full of the scarlet terror. For the last 13 laps, the Spaniard fought off the German to his third consecutive victory.

Toyota's Jarno Trulli and Ralf Schumacher finished seventh and eleventh, respectively.

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April 05, 2005

Is Toyota For Real?

One of the questions the Speed commentators brought up during the Malaysian GP in Sepang was whether or not Panasonic Toyota Racing's F1 program was for real. Their question was answered with second and fifth place finishes by Jarno Trulli and Ralf Schumacher, respectively.

This past weekend Trulli and Schuey Jr. backed up their success in Sepang with second and fourth place finishes in the Grand Prix of Bahrain. I believe it's safe to say that Toyota's Formula 1 program is very real.

In it's pursuit of a number one finish, Toyota will be testing a new aero package prior to the first race of the European leg of the 2005 GP in Imola:

Before the next race at Imola we’ll be testing a new aero package at Barcelona and Paul Ricard, and then we’ll have to decide if we’ll adopt it or not. Of course, we want to maximize the potential in the engine, the suspension and everywhere else, but the aerodynamics are extremely important at this point, which is why most of our attention will be focused there. To catch and pass our rivals, we feel that we do not have to work twice as hard—we have to work THREE times as hard. If we can do that, then I believe we will stand at the center of the podium, which is our new goal. - Toyota-F1.com

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April 01, 2005

2JZ No Bullish!!!

Leave it to Ara Arslanian and Bullish Motor Racing to be pioneers and keep raising the proverbial bar. At first glance, it looks like your typical rail car, but take a closer look and then you notice the twin hairdryers. "Great" you think, "it's probably some privateer with a TT'd V8 or something like that." Nope. It's Toyota's little ol' 3.0 liter (2997 cc/182.9 ci if you want to pic nits) inline six. Credit Geoff at Full Race for crafting another work of art that the twin Turbonetics T88s call home. Can you imagine the sounds coming from within inches of your ears?

In a word, this car will be SICK.

Here is some more information about the dragster:
NDRA article about the dragster's unveiling
NDRA article about AEM's sponsorship of the dragster
TheSpeedLounge.com thread with high res pics of the Full Race mani

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Beef Rapp

Apparently beef sells records and gets hits for one's website. This site went offline about two weekends ago for a little while because the bandwidth was exceeded -much in part to the whole 50 Pence-Jadakiss "beef."

By mid-March, hits had well exceeded the entire hit count for February, and as we go into April, total March hits have pretty much tripled that of February.

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