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June 08, 2005

Taco Meter

It looks like I've been getting some hits for the TRD 10,000 RPM Tachometer and turning up some false results due to my CSS tach icons. Well here are the pictures of my "TACO METER". I think something was lost in translation there.

I'm very glad I purchased this rare and discontinued item around the time of the second wave of popularity and availability. It appears that the last sets of tachs sold for for $450 -zing!!! Needless to say, I could sell my mint tach and make a significant profit.

The white balance was obviously off in the shots, but the strong yellows work with the orange and red in the redline portion of the tach in my humble opinion. Images are copywrited and property of hungwin.com. Don't bite.

Posted by hungwin at June 8, 2005 04:18 PM