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September 26, 2005

Fleeting Nobility

A friend was kind enough to let me try on his brand-spanking-new Noble Gold Volk Racing GT-7s. Noble Gold is an interesting color, and "gold" may be somewhat of a misnomer. It is closer to a champagne or even Toyota's own Quicksilver FX. As far as I know, these are one of the first sets of Noble Gold GT-7s fitted to a JZA80.

The wheel and tire specs are 18x9.0 +43 front and 18x10.0 +44 rear with 245/40ZR18s and 285/35ZR18s, respectively. Many people ask me why I don't go ahead and get a set of Volks. The picture below right is one of the reasons why. The widest 18-inch wheel Volk offers that fits a stock-bodied Supra is 10-inches. That is only a half-inch wider than the stockers and only reasonably allows a 10-to-20 mm wider tire.

With winter around the corner, I will be patient and wait for SSR -and 11-inch widths- to rise again with the help of Tanabe.

Left: Flushness, Right: Comparison of 285/35ZR18 Michelin Pilot Sport on 18x10.0 GT-7 versus 275/40ZR17 Toyo T1-S on 17x9.5 stock wheel

Posted by hungwin at September 26, 2005 04:18 PM