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March 06, 2006


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A couple of weeks ago, we attempted to corner balance the Supra. I say attempt, because we had to raise the driver front corner quite a bit and the cross weights still weren't where I'd like them. I, along with others, believe the suspension may be binding and the control arm bolts will need to be loosened and tightened with the suspension under load.

As you can see, the car weighs roughly 3460 lbs with approximately three-quarters of a tank of gas. Not too bad for an automagic Supra in my opinion.

For those of you who were wondering, the HKS Performers weigh 11 lb 14.80 oz and 10 lb 9.80 oz, per front and rear coilover, respectively.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to take any pics during the process, so this one was taken with flash as we were breaking down the scales and leveling pads. With less than 50 miles on the suspension, a road test review will have to wait.

Posted by hungwin at March 6, 2006 08:58 PM